Clever Gardening Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Clever Gardening Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes as a gardener it's pretty hard to take care of everything. Read on for some clever gardening tips that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Clever Gardening Tips: Colorful Flowers

Every gardener needs some help from time to time and there are some clever gardening tips that can really make your life easier and save you time, effort or money. If you already know some of them that’s great, but we bet you don’t know all the tips below.

  1. Pot-in-Pot. Instead of digging up and changing the seasonal plants accordingly, it would be much easier and cleaner to plant them in a pot and change the pot seasonally. In this way you save yourself the dirty work, time and also the effort of changing them. Keeping several pots for different herbs or vegetables makes it much more easier to handle them and switch them when the time is right.
  2. Use foam peanuts. Instead of filling the whole pot with soil, you might want to place a layer of foam peanuts at the bottom and then place the soil and the plants. The foam peanuts help in a better drainage so the water doesn’t remain in the pot more than it’s needed. Also, it makes the pots a whole lot easier to handle and to move. Although this is perhaps one of the most clever gardening tips, it’s advisable to also add a layer of landscape fabric over the foam peanuts so that the soil doesn’t sink and fill in the spaces between the peanuts.
  3. Boost your garden with calcium. Just like you, your garden needs calcium to grow healthy. Using eggshells in the garden is one of the most useful clever gardening tips, but putting them in the blender first is even greater! If you grind them they will be more easily absorbed by the soil and therefore it will be richer and more nutritive for your plants.
  4. Keep your pets away. There are no clever gardening tips more useful than this one. If you have pets, especially cats or dogs, it would be really a shame to let them wander in your garden, where you have put such effort into growing lovely plants. A convenient solution for both sides would be to place plastic forks among the plants. They will make the cat uncomfortable in case it ever gets in there and it will make it leave without hurting her and without damaging your plants either.
  5. Container gardens. If you’re too busy to manage a real-size garden or simply you don’t have the required space, one of the clever gardening tips that might help you is to have container gardens. It’s easy to fill a container with the right type of soil (don’t forget about the packing peanuts) and to plant whatever plants you like there. Actually, it can prove easier to maintain such a garden than a real life one, mainly because of the space and time required.
  6. Use diapers. No, not on yourself, but in potted plants. In the summer, for instance, when the plants needs more humidity for a much longer period of time, diapers are great for retaining water inside the pot and nourishing the plant all day long.

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