Echo-Friendly Gadgets

Echo-Friendly Gadgets

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Show your love and respect to the Earth that gives you air!

We live in a world of technology and technology uses a lot of energy which we should start saving it and how could we save it better then not with echo-friendly gadgets which are very ingenious and of course a friend of the Earth.

Today I decided to present you several interesting echo-friendly gadgets which you will find very useful and if you are looking for methods to save energy these are the best things invented for this reason. 

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1)Brunton SolarRoll: Everybody knows how powerful the Sun is and many people choose to use its power instead of consuming energy from the ordinary sources. Sunlight power should be used more often because solar-powered gadgets are of course echo-friendly. A solarroll is a panel used to charge cell phones, digital camera and even a car battery which is amazing. I am pretty sure you already heard about it. It was designed by Brunton in three models and each of them produces 3 different outputs. 4.5, 9 and 14 watts.The models are created of Tefzel fluoropolymer for a better resistance and they are waterproof in case you were thinking taking them with you on a boat. This device is not that expensive so everyone should afford it if they want to be an Earth friend.

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2)RoboMower RL850: Forget about how you used to cut your lawn and start using a robotic lawnmower. There are several reasons you should start using these echo friendly gadgets. First of all, because they offer you free time when you can do whatever you want and of course this gadget doesn’t harm the environment because it doesn’t use gas or oil. All you have to do is to lay a wire around the outer edges of your lawn and then attach it to pegs. Being a very smart gadget, it will recognize the wire and it will follow it. It has sensors which detect trees, rock or any other obstacles. It is designed with a 5800-rpm blade speed, so you lawn will look amazing.

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3)Kyocera FS-3900DN Printer: Your printer should be ecological too especially if you use it a lot. This printer works as a workgroup monochrome laser completely ozone free. An positive electrical charge was put to the printer rollers and in this way it won’t harm the environment.  It features a 500-sheet standard paper drawer, 64MB of RAM, USB host printing, and a recyclable plastic toner cartridge.

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4)The Lumen: This gadget is amazing. It uses your own body heat to produce light. It is a very small device and all you have to do is touch it and it works instantly producing electric current provided by your heat. It has a thermoelectric generator and its metal body acts as a radiator.

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5)Garden Critter Solar Light: Those families who live in a house with a garden should think about their gardens to be lighten by echo-friendly gadgets. During the day, these gadgets steal energy from the sun and at night they beautifully glow.

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6)The ClickStick is the world’s first smart deodorant. Pretty interesting isn’t it?  This deodorant has a push-button system which will give only the exactly amount of antiperspirant you need, not more and not less. It is synced up with your smartphone and follows up your personal habits and gives you an alert when you need to be refreshed. I just love it.

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Miito: Waste no more water and immediately search for this fabulous device. An echo-friendly gadget which heats your water. Fill only one cup of water from now one and place the device on the cup’s base, insert the rod and it will boil your water very quickly. It fits in any container you want to use and works in any container that is more important.

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