The Future Is Here: Wireless Phone Charging Furniture

The Future Is Here: Wireless Phone Charging Furniture

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See how much a smart house can change only by using a wireless phone charging furniture item in every room!

Wireless Phone Charging Furniture: Fast Charger

If you thought technology has reached its peak and there’s nowhere to go from here, you might want to think again. Learn that soon there will be available on the market wireless phone charging furniture which will make your life much more easier! Just imagine how cool it is to simply place your phone on any furniture, in the kitchen, bedroom, anywhere in the house!

Recently IKEA has announced that it will market a special collection of furniture that can charge your phone without using any annoying cables. The wireless phone charging furniture includes coffee tables, bedside tables, lamps and even remote special pads that can be placed on other examples of furniture items. So you can still have the best advantages of technology and get to keep the old furniture!

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This is a true premiere, since you can’t find anywhere else wireless phone charging furniture items. They used a special Qi technology that simply eliminates the need for a charging cord. Thankfully, this furniture is compatible with 80 smartphone types on the market. These 80 are compatible with the Qi technology and they include the latest models, like Samsung S6 or Nexus 6. But even if you don’t have a compatible phone, there’s no need to worry! There are also special phone cases where you can place your incompatible or older versions of smartphones so as to be able to enjoy this wonderful technology.

However, this wireless phone charging furniture needs still to be plugged in to work and become wireless, which makes some say that it’s not that wireless. Even so, this technology is simply amazing because you can just place your phone on the surface of any furniture item connected to this pad and the phone will charge by itself. This gives you even more freedom, since the phone can charge when you are not using it, bit by bit, instead leaving it for one or two hours away from you.

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More than that, this new type of furniture is great when travelling. In hotel rooms, for instance, you don’t need to bring anymore lots of different charging cords for all of your devices, now you could simply place them on the night stand and let them charge. Needless to say, this means a lot less packing up for the road and less trouble about keeping the devices always charged.

Finally, even though there are some doubts so as to call the wireless phone charging furniture truly wireless, what’s really important is that it’s a great step towards developing easier and more practical furniture and devices. Regardless of its flaws, no one can deny it’s a great achievement in blending together beautiful design furniture and useful technology advantages. In the end, we should all expect more and more from the wonderful world of technological advance, since it makes our lives easier and easier by the day. Would you buy any wireless phone charging furniture item on the market?

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