Reuse your old Furniture

Reuse your old Furniture

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If you get attached to things very much, don't throw them away, reuse them!

We get attached with things, especially those in which we invest money and feelings. There are things that we can’t just throw them away or pass them forward because they remind us of things that happened and they seem to keep the memories impregnated in them.

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So what will we do with the furniture we don’t longer use? We reuse it:). More explicit we find unusual but interesting way to make it useful.

  • Vintage Message Board: if it happens to have a vintage message board and you want to keep it but you don’t know where to store it or what to do with it than it easy. Hang a mattress spring on the wall, clean it from rust and treat it with a clear overcoat for a more vintage look.

vintage oversize furniture homecaprice

  • Cottage-Style Display Shelf: don’t underestimate the power of imagination and interior design and never think of an item is has no use. For example, Melissa Michaels who works at The Inspired Room, took a small, funny colored stepladder and transformed it in a display shelf and eye-pleaser. The great thing is that the room will look more creative and stylish

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Original_Melissa-Michaels-repurposed-ladder home caprice

  • Transformation of a dresser: Everyone has an old dresser that they want to change, but instead of changing it why not transforming it in a bright funny kids dresser. Paint it with a bright color that your child loves, write something funny on it or paint your child’s favorite animal and it seems you have a brand new playful dresses. You can even let your child paint on it or draw it with chalkboard, in this way it will look even more irresistible.

dresser transformation home caprice

  • Storage Container: If it happens to have tea tins then don’t throw them away. Play with them. Transform a storage container in a stylish one by painting it in different styles.

“Fill the tin with office supplies, kitchen dry goods or bathroom toiletries,” Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors

-storage-container_home capirce

  • Make it Practical: don’t be afraid of your own creativity and take a piece of furniture and make it functional again. Hoosier cupboards used to be very popular back in 20th century. If you have one of this and you don’t know what to do with it, refinish and paint it and you will have a new practical office desk. It will look vintage and modern at the same time. Because it has many drawers you can storage anything you want right next to you.

refinished-white-cabinet home caprice

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I will come back with more ideas about how can you reuse the furniture you don’t want to throw. Have fun.


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