Small Bathroom Tips to Help You Organize

Small Bathroom Tips to Help You Organize

If you have a small bathroom, there's no need to panic. Follow these tips to maximize the advantages of your bathroom and to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

Small Bathroom Tips: Color Explosions

When you have a small bathroom, you need to use all the tricks you can think of, not only to maximize the space you can use there, but also to create the illusion of more light and a more airy room. Read on for more small bathroom tips to help you reinvent and redecorate your bathroom.

  1. Use a warm and light palette. It is generally known that dark colors create the illusion of closeness and small spaces, so using a warm and light palette is a great idea for a small bathroom. Soothing colors make you feel relaxed no matter how small the bathroom is, so don’t be afraid to use pastel colors, whites, beiges and creams, in any combination you want.
  2. Add a decorative row of tiles. If you want to create the illusion that the bathroom is taller, you can add a row of colorful tiles right in the middle, all around the room. Besides that, it’s one of the small bathroom tips that help in making the room to appear brighter, especially if you have followed the first tip and have used only light colors.
  3. Keep the floor free. Stop storing things on the bathroom floor and start organizing better. An important thing for this is to use a wall-mount sink, which may not free much space, but at least gives the impression of a larger room. Otherwise, you can find available on the market lots of drawers, racks, shelves and other intelligent solutions to store away all the things you need in a bathroom.
  4. Use texture. Textured furniture or rugs will divert attention from the small space and it’s an easy way out of decorating a bathroom without taking up much space. More than that, it creates a relaxed and airy atmosphere.
  5. Color pops. If you don’t want to have a dull pastel bathroom, one of the most useful small bathroom tips is to go for color pops. After you have chosen your color scheme, you can buy brightly colored decorations in stronger shades than the ones you use, or you can simply choose an outstanding color among pale ones.
  6. Lively decorations. Choose funny and lively decorations, like hand towel holders, original and unusual light bulbs and any other funny stuff you can think of. There are lots and lots of bathroom funny decorations you can find on the market, and if you’re not satisfied with them, you can always make your own towel holders and soap dispensers.
  7. Use as much wall space as you can. Equally distributing wall shelves around the bathroom makes you free the floor and store everything you need in an organized way. It is very important to properly organize your cosmetics, towels and other necessities because nothing looks worse in a small bathroom than an irreparable mess. This is why most of the small bathroom tips you can find are based on how to organize better and how to keep everything in its place.

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