Smart House Design Ideas

Smart House Design Ideas

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If you're a fan of technology, you will need these great suggestions for decorating a smart house and obtaining a great design.

Smart House Design: Wooden Warm Decor

Recently a trend has been gaining more and more adepts, the one of having a smart house. And it’s easy to understand why, since so many people rely almost entirely on technology these days to make their lives easier. Technology doesn’t mean improvements only in I.T. domains or science, but also in the home and the daily chores. The development of technology has also influenced the design of houses, so you might need this guide to a smart house design.

1. Minimalist tendencies. Usually a lot of technology in the house involves a minimalist design, mostly because modern devices and machines around the home tend to be edgy and metallic. As a matter of fact, these are the two key words you should be following when thinking about your smart house design. Obviously, you can’t really combine warm wood furniture with edgy metallic devices, so it’s natural to follow along these lines.

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2. Colors. Almost all the technology uses neutral colors such as black, white or gray. Therefore, if most of your furniture consists in actual devices or machines, you should consider using the same color scheme for a harmonious decor. Just imagine a kitchen filled with appliances and you’ll see how a smart house design must match these colors. Thankfully, these are some of the most popular colors you can find on the market, so it’s not that hard to find couches, tables, chairs or armchairs in these shades.

3. Patterns. Generally, a smart house design uses mostly solid colors, mostly because you don’t usually find appliances or machines with stripes or dots. This is why you can either choose to continue with solid ones or to vary by introducing patterns here and there. However, in order to keep the minimalist look, you should avoid using too many patterns or too many colors. It’s okay to use a bright color on decorations or accents (cushions, rugs, curtains) but don’t overdo it.

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4. Materials. Usually, as we said, metal is most often used in smart house design, but you can also use wood. Wooden floors are most often encountered in such designs, because they are very classy and look great. Also, they counter the cold effect of the rest of the home. You should avoid using too much plastic or too much textile, although they are good in moderate amounts. Textiles are good in toning down the cold colors, since you can take advantage of cushions and rugs for a more comfy feeling around.

Last but not least, you should not forget that a smart house design is mostly about practicality, so this is the main principle you should follow when imagining it. As much as the devices and the tech stuff around help you with your chores, remember that an inappropriate design can totally ruin the easiness of your life and the enhancements technology brings into your life. Other than that, you only have to enjoy the most modern discoveries and a suitable decor.

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