Extremely Useful Smart House Devices

Extremely Useful Smart House Devices

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Smart houses are starting to be more and more popular these days, along with the development of technology. A successful side business is the market of smart house devices, useful for any smart house owner.

Smart house lock

More and more technology is invading our everyday lives. If you could go through all the houses in UAE, you could see that lots of people have made their lives easier by introducing a lot of technical advantages in their houses. And frankly, recently there has been a real boom in smart house devices that make you save time and money when doing everyday chores or that simply make your life better.

One of the smart house devices is a smart hub. This is a device that can control many of your other electrical devices around, such as the security system, home systems, thermostat etc. You can set it to match your needs, so you will have easy access to control many devices around, not to mention that you can connect it to your smartphone.

Many owners of smart houses prefer to use technology to change their lighting. Not only they opt for the famous systems that turn on the light when you’re clapping your hands, but there are also systems that change the light color in different corners of the house according to your needs and wishes. Basically, technology makes everything so easy to adapt to your taste.

Security is another issue that concerns the owners of smart houses in UAE and not only. Smart house devices are built to be able to connect to a central unity of command, which can be troublesome if you lose your smartphone or other devices. That’s why technology makes it easier to secure your home with passwords, digital prints or retina, surveillance cameras placed strategically and other things you haven’t even thought of!

Smart house devices are also designed to take care of the temperature in the room. Yes, everybody has air conditioners, but not everybody has an app that allows the device to turn on before you come home, so that you will find the perfect temperature in the house. More than that, smart air conditioners can even be programmed to start at a certain time, at a certain temperature and to stop when a certain temperature is reached.

Smart home locks are totally changed if you look at the last couple of years. If before everybody used keys to open their doors, nowadays people use their smartphones or fingers. Indeed, there are smart locks that memorize your finger print and instantly open the door only to you. But then again, there are also smartphone apps that monitor the entrances and exits in the house, how many times and who enters and who alert you when something’s wrong. Talk about control of the house!

Last but not least, you can even monitor the house and/or yourself while you sleep. There are on the market smart beds that have sensors and chips incorporated into them. The bed monitors everything while you sleep, from your heart rate, movement, breathing etc. Moreover, it can give you advice on how to improve your sleep quality and what’s best to do about your health. That’s some furniture that really cares about you!

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