Tips for Kitchen Feng Shui

Tips for Kitchen Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient belief system based on the arrangement in the house of the furniture, the colors and the circulation of energies around the house. Read on to find out more tips and tricks about how to make your kitchen feng shui.

Kitchen feng shui color

Feng shui is a way of channeling the energies in your home in such a way that they will bring you luck, harmony and happiness. Lots of people believe that a certain arrangement of the furniture or certain colors used for decorating and wallpapers help you in bringing good luck and good vibes in the house. Similarly, choosing other colors and placing the wrong piece of furniture in the wrong place, this might be the reason for your bad luck events and other things! Read on for tips on a kitchen feng shui!

Keep the kitchen away from the front door or back door. If you can decide on this, it is better to follow this principle, so as not to let the feng shui energy escape through the doors. Since the kitchen is the place of nourishing and life, it’s quite important to take into account these principles if you want to have good luck!

Eat healthy foods. Not only for obvious reasons, but natural and organic foods also carry a good vibe that comes directly from the earth. Bringing this good energy from mother earth in your kitchen and in your body can only have positive effects on your mood and on your health.

Use smart lighting. It is good to install a lighting system that will allow you to vary it depending on the moment of the day, the occasion and so on. Lighting is responsible for the mood in your room and also your own mood, if you are relaxed, agitated or tired, for instance. For this it’s better to inform yourself on the effect certain light colors or intensities have on your body or spirit (e.g.: blue light keeps your brain awake).

Keep it clean. Try to clean it as often as possible, since dirtiness has a bad vibe and brings bad luck. Also, don’t clutter it with unnecessary (or even necessary things). For this, in order to have a kitchen feng shui, organize as space-effective as possible all the kitchen utensils, pots and any other bowls you might have around. Not only it will easy your job, but it will maintain harmony in your kitchen.

Fresh flowers. As often as possible, try to decorate your kitchen with fresh flowers. The kitchen feng shui will be very affected by them. Although they might seem a small details, flowers represent beauty and energy, therefore they will bring a good vibe.

The best color for your kitchen? Yellow! Good kitchen feng shui is based on the color yellow. Whether you use it for the walls, the dishes or other decorations, yellow is a color that looks good in the kitchen, but also helps in your digestion and brightens the entire room.

Keep it simple! For a great kitchen feng shui, you need to keep the room as simple as possible. Don’t place too many gadgets around to avoid the sensations of suffocation. Remember that feng shui is all about feeling good, positive and balancing the energies in your home!

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