Enjoy an Arabian Dessert: Arabian Baklava

Enjoy an Arabian Dessert: Arabian Baklava

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If you don't know what dessert to cook anymore to surprise someone, you should think about trying the Arabian baklava. It's absolutely delicious!

Arabian Baklava: Sugar syrup on top

If you crave for something sweet and delicious, but don’t know what to cook for a dessert, you might want to find out that the Arabian Baklava is indeed a very special treat. After you try it for the first time, you won’t believe how you lived so long without tasting such a wonderful dessert! Here’s what you need for it:

– 4 cups of chopped walnuts

– 1 cup sugar

– 2 cups butter or ghee

– 18 sheets of phyllo dough (a special kind of dough for pastries and cookies which you can find in basically any supermarket)

You will also need to make a special sugar syrup, for which you will need:

– 2 and a half cups sugar

– 1 and a half cups water

– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

After you bought all the ingredients, it’s time to start cooking! First of all you should make the sugar syrup, because you will need it to cool down. Take a pan and put together the water and the sugar. Het them until they boil and after they start boiling, add the lemon. Leave them on the stove for another 15 minutes and when you notice that the syrup starts thickening, take the pan off the stove and leave it aside to cool down.

Meanwhile, you should start cooking the actual baklava. First of all, remember to preheat the oven. Then, take a square or rectangular 24×40 cm baking tray and brush its surface with oil. Melt the butter or the ghee and put a layer of dough in the baking tray. Brush the dough with the ghee. Add 6 more layers of dough and remember to brush each one of them with the ghee.

Separately, mix the walnuts with the sugar and the pistachios and then spread the mix equally on top of the dough. Then spread a quarter of cup of the ghee on top of the walnuts. Over the layer of walnuts add the rest of the dough sheets. Don’t forget to brush each and every one of them with ghee!

After you put the last sheet of dough on top, wet your fingers a little with water and wipe it gently. Then brush it generously with ghee. Cut the entire baklava in small squares and put it in the oven. Set the temperature to 325 degrees F for half an hour. Then, for the last 5-10 minutes set the temperature to 450 °F. You know it’s ready when you see that it’s golden and crunchy. Take it out of the oven and as soon as you get it out pour the cold sugar syrup on it. It’s very important to have the sugar syrup cold when you pour it on!

It is best served at room temperature, so leave the Arabian baklava to cool down for some time. We know it’s hard to resist the temptation of taking a bite, but it’s better to enjoy its own real taste so be patient!

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