Log Furniture Ideas for Your Place

Log Furniture Ideas for Your Place

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If you love the mountainside and the rustic style of chalets there, know that you can bring a piece of it into your own home by using logs furniture items wherever you want.

Log Furniture Ideas: Elegant Log Bed

Whether you’re a nature fan or simply love decorating your home in such a manner, you should definitely consider using logs as furniture in your house. The best part is that you can use log furniture almost everywhere in the house, so that you can have a homogeneous interior design. Check out this log furniture ideas and see which one you like most!

Log Bed. For an extremely rustic bedroom, you can always decorate it with a log bed. Although it’s quite bulky, it fits perfectly this type of interior design and you have to admit, it’s pretty resistant and durable. However, you also have to match the rest of the decorations in the bedroom with it, so be careful when choosing the color scheme and the other adornments.

Log Table and Chairs. Made of halved logs and some lacquer on top of them, this set is great to bring the naturalness in your home. You can be sure no chair is going to break like, ever, and more than that, you can even move them outdoors for a special event like a party or simply to hang around at a barbecue.

Log Shelves. One of the best log furniture ideas is to make log shelves. Why is it best? Because it’s very easy to make and also, it helps you in sustaining the general atmosphere given by the rest of the log furniture items you have in the house, with just a little effort.

Log Nightstand. Another great one of the log furniture ideas that helps you with completing the entire aspect of a rustic decorated room is a nightstand. Small and practical, yet extremely resistant, a log nightstand is guaranteed to make you feel just like you’re in a chalet somewhere in the mountains. You can make it lighter or darker with some special wood lacquer, so you might vary the colors around the room.

Benches and Couches. Probably the easiest log furniture ideas to do, even by yourself, are the log benches and couches. If you choose quality wood, they can even look elegant and stylish. More than that, you can place lots of cushions of different colors on them to help you complement the rest of the design in the room.

 Counters. For a rustic kitchen, you can use log counters and shelves. However, be careful to choose approximately the same shade for all the log furniture in the room. Although this is not that important, it would not be harmonious to have the chairs darker and the counter lighter, for instance.

Coffee Table. A log coffee table looks very natural and rustic and is easy to accessorize. It’s probably the most customizable of the log furniture ideas, since you can use almost any other material on top of the logs, such as stone, glass or metal, depending on the rest of the design you plan for your living room. This allows you to use various colors and various patterns and furthermore to add more color to the room and not leave it looking all-rustic.

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