Natural Bathroom Design Ideas You Didn’t Know

Natural Bathroom Design Ideas You Didn’t Know

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If you love nature and outdoors, decorate your bathroom in a similar style and read on for more tips on this!

Natural Bathroom Materials: Green Touches

Some people who really love nature and are very outdoorsy prefer to arrange their bathroom in such a way as to remind them about natural surroundings and vegetal elements. Here are some suggestions that will help you create a natural bathroom design for your home!

First of all, the easiest thing to do when you want to have a natural bathroom design for your home is to add some plants. You can totally go for potted plants or even hanging ones in your bathroom. However, the temperature and the humidity there are not suitable for any plant. Therefore, it’s best to consult a specialist or to document yourself using any resources you have about what plants are suitable for this environment. In the end, you don’t want your plant to die because you didn’t take care of it, right?

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Another option you have for a natural bathroom design is to bring in natural elements. Besides plants, you can buy or even pick yourself rocks or pine cones, for instance, and create a nice design with them. You can even fill the pot of the plant with rocks, besides soil, or you can choose a wallpaper that looks like a natural environment. Alternatively, there are wall coverings or materials you can use for decoration that are made of stone or similar materials. They are great for showers, sink counter or even floors.

Let’s not forget about wood! What other element can make a great natural bathroom design better than wood? And this is yet another easy way to obtain this style for your bathroom! You can find almost everywhere shower accessories made of wood or sink counters or any other bathroom accessories. Bamboo is a great option since it’s a flexible material and it’s quite resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

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A natural bathroom design can be created by using small details too. Green towels or decorative items here and they can definitely bring a touch of freshness in your bathroom. Also, fresh hues of green work great in combination with white, so as to make the room more airy and lighter. Natural means, of course, as much natural light as possible, so don’t cover up windows or other sources of light. If you don’t have much natural light available, try to use blue or white light instead of colored or yellow one. Neon lights are great if you choose light shades.

Last but not least, artificial materials like plastic can’t find their place in a natural bathroom design. As we said, choose wood and other natural materials: porcelain for the sink or even an aquarium, bamboo, glass and rocks. Moreover, try to respect the shapes in nature: round sinks and bath tubs or square-shaped rocks, showers and other decorative items. A nice tip for creating the illusion of natural light is to place a source of light behind clear glass or special glass walls. The effect is truly wonderful and it will make your bathroom special and natural!

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