Open or Closed Kitchen? An Ongoing Debate

Open or Closed Kitchen? An Ongoing Debate

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For those of you who are undecided whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, this article can provide a good analysis on advantages and disadvantages!

Open or Closed Kitchen: Round Kitchen

Many people have a hard time thinking about how to decorate their kitchen, and one of the most often encountered dilemmas is whether to choose an open or closed kitchen. Many times, this aspect is dictated by the available space for this room, but you can wisely use whatever space you have to obtain the kitchen you’ve always wished for. But let’s see some advantages and disadvantage of both of them!

Open kitchen


One advantage for open kitchens in the debate open or closed kitchen would be that it allows you to move freely. Let’s face it, it’s quite annoying to move things from one side to the other whenever you need a little bit of extra space for special dishes you’re cooking. Plus the storage options are much more numerous in this case, which makes your life a whole lot easier.

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Also, an open kitchen lets you separate the cooking part of the room from the dining area, and your guests will be more than delighted to enjoy a meal in a more relaxing environment rather than the kitchen.


Covering up a large space can also be a disadvantage for such a kitchen. If you’re thinking whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, it’s probable that you will opt to use the space for something different than the kitchen. Most people choose to make a dining room and decorate it really nicely instead of simply placing the table inside the kitchen.

Another disadvantage is that the design in an open kitchen cannot be concentrated in one place, and so the eye gets quite distracted over a large surface. However, there are special designs for this too!

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Closed kitchen


Everybody who has a closed kitchen is happy with it because it helps you to be more organized. Usually, people tend to be quite chaotic, especially in the kitchen, where you use thousands of objects in a day, so a closed kitchen can value the available space and minimize the waste. Therefore, it’s great for small homes.

Also, it allows you to choose a different design only for the kitchen, since it delimits itself from the rest of the house. And this offers you lots of possibilities: green, orange or any other color is suitable for a kitchen design. Good luck in decorating it!


If a big family would ponder whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, they will most definitely choose an open one. Closed kitchens generally don’t allow for more space, so if you have a numerous family, plus you plan to invite people over, you should totally avoid them.

Another disadvantage is that it can get easily cluttered. The more furniture items and objects you cram in, the easier it is to become very cluttered. And so, it will be harder for you to clean it up and make it tidy again, thus wasting time and effort instead of enjoying a nice dinner with your family!

Which one is your favorite?

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