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Any meal deserves to be treated with the respect it needs, so decorate your table accordingly!

The kitchen table is often more than a place to simply eat. It’s the place that gathers together all the family and part of the beautiful moments shared with you friends and the loved ones. That’s why it deserves some special arrangements. Lacking inspiration? No worries, we’re here with some advice on decorating the kitchen table.

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1. Day to day. Many people tend to get quite lazy if we were to be sincere, and ignore the fact that the table needs some decorations even if you don’t have guests. Get to work and bring some magic to every meal by choosing a plain, but stylish vase with flowers, for instance. Ordinary flowers with just a little odor are recommended, since some that are powerfully scented can be disturbing while you’re eating. Chamomile, sunflower and tulips are great ideas, but it depends on your own personal taste in the end.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Elegant Decor

2. Candles. Candles are the universal and classic decoration for any table. You cannot fail with these, whether they are for a party or simply for a romantic dinner for you and your partner. However, there are lots of options that can make your table decorated with candles look amazing, if only you use your creativity! Try placing candles in glasses for an extra touch, or in special candleholders if you want a more elegant atmosphere. Some people like to hang them with strings from the ceiling and make them seem like they float, while others choose extremely long glasses for this purpose.

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Decorating the Kitchen Table: Natural Decor

3. Flowers again. Yes, we already talked about vases, but there are other ways you can use flowers when decorating the kitchen table too. For instance, you can use only the petals to spread them around. Use differently colored flowers for a more jolly effect or for a party instead of confetti there. Branches and leaves can also be used to create a more natural atmosphere, especially if you have a country style design in the kitchen. You can complete a flower decoration by using a table cloth that has similar patterns and prints, to make a harmonious décor.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Festive Look

4. Mirrors. This is another great idea you can take advantage of when decorating the kitchen table. If you have a flower or natural arrangement already placed there, a mirror underneath it can be a great enhancer of the effect. If you don’t want to use a full mirror on that, break it and use the shards (careful not to cut yourself though!) or you can buy smaller mirror glasses from the stores. The best part about using mirrors is the fact that they also reflect light and make the room more vivid. You can even play around with mirrors placed in different parts of the room so that they will reflect the sun rays and take advantage of the natural light all day long!

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For those of you who are undecided whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, this article can provide a good analysis on advantages and disadvantages!

Open or Closed Kitchen: Round Kitchen

Many people have a hard time thinking about how to decorate their kitchen, and one of the most often encountered dilemmas is whether to choose an open or closed kitchen. Many times, this aspect is dictated by the available space for this room, but you can wisely use whatever space you have to obtain the kitchen you’ve always wished for. But let’s see some advantages and disadvantage of both of them!

Open kitchen


One advantage for open kitchens in the debate open or closed kitchen would be that it allows you to move freely. Let’s face it, it’s quite annoying to move things from one side to the other whenever you need a little bit of extra space for special dishes you’re cooking. Plus the storage options are much more numerous in this case, which makes your life a whole lot easier.

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Also, an open kitchen lets you separate the cooking part of the room from the dining area, and your guests will be more than delighted to enjoy a meal in a more relaxing environment rather than the kitchen.


Covering up a large space can also be a disadvantage for such a kitchen. If you’re thinking whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, it’s probable that you will opt to use the space for something different than the kitchen. Most people choose to make a dining room and decorate it really nicely instead of simply placing the table inside the kitchen.

Another disadvantage is that the design in an open kitchen cannot be concentrated in one place, and so the eye gets quite distracted over a large surface. However, there are special designs for this too!

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Closed kitchen


Everybody who has a closed kitchen is happy with it because it helps you to be more organized. Usually, people tend to be quite chaotic, especially in the kitchen, where you use thousands of objects in a day, so a closed kitchen can value the available space and minimize the waste. Therefore, it’s great for small homes.

Also, it allows you to choose a different design only for the kitchen, since it delimits itself from the rest of the house. And this offers you lots of possibilities: green, orange or any other color is suitable for a kitchen design. Good luck in decorating it!


If a big family would ponder whether to choose an open or closed kitchen, they will most definitely choose an open one. Closed kitchens generally don’t allow for more space, so if you have a numerous family, plus you plan to invite people over, you should totally avoid them.

Another disadvantage is that it can get easily cluttered. The more furniture items and objects you cram in, the easier it is to become very cluttered. And so, it will be harder for you to clean it up and make it tidy again, thus wasting time and effort instead of enjoying a nice dinner with your family!

Which one is your favorite?

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If you love nature and outdoors, decorate your bathroom in a similar style and read on for more tips on this!

Natural Bathroom Materials: Green Touches

Some people who really love nature and are very outdoorsy prefer to arrange their bathroom in such a way as to remind them about natural surroundings and vegetal elements. Here are some suggestions that will help you create a natural bathroom design for your home!

First of all, the easiest thing to do when you want to have a natural bathroom design for your home is to add some plants. You can totally go for potted plants or even hanging ones in your bathroom. However, the temperature and the humidity there are not suitable for any plant. Therefore, it’s best to consult a specialist or to document yourself using any resources you have about what plants are suitable for this environment. In the end, you don’t want your plant to die because you didn’t take care of it, right?

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Another option you have for a natural bathroom design is to bring in natural elements. Besides plants, you can buy or even pick yourself rocks or pine cones, for instance, and create a nice design with them. You can even fill the pot of the plant with rocks, besides soil, or you can choose a wallpaper that looks like a natural environment. Alternatively, there are wall coverings or materials you can use for decoration that are made of stone or similar materials. They are great for showers, sink counter or even floors.

Let’s not forget about wood! What other element can make a great natural bathroom design better than wood? And this is yet another easy way to obtain this style for your bathroom! You can find almost everywhere shower accessories made of wood or sink counters or any other bathroom accessories. Bamboo is a great option since it’s a flexible material and it’s quite resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

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A natural bathroom design can be created by using small details too. Green towels or decorative items here and they can definitely bring a touch of freshness in your bathroom. Also, fresh hues of green work great in combination with white, so as to make the room more airy and lighter. Natural means, of course, as much natural light as possible, so don’t cover up windows or other sources of light. If you don’t have much natural light available, try to use blue or white light instead of colored or yellow one. Neon lights are great if you choose light shades.

Last but not least, artificial materials like plastic can’t find their place in a natural bathroom design. As we said, choose wood and other natural materials: porcelain for the sink or even an aquarium, bamboo, glass and rocks. Moreover, try to respect the shapes in nature: round sinks and bath tubs or square-shaped rocks, showers and other decorative items. A nice tip for creating the illusion of natural light is to place a source of light behind clear glass or special glass walls. The effect is truly wonderful and it will make your bathroom special and natural!

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The coffee table can easily be used to transform the entire design of your living room, so think about using a creative one!

Creative Coffee Tables: Futuristic design

The coffee table is an element often overlooked when imagining a home design. But if you know how to integrate it, you can obtain a special furniture item that will certainly enhance the effect you want. Don’t be afraid to go for creative coffee tables, since they are great in bringing up a personal touch of your living room design.

As much as you’d want to choose the craziest colors and patterns for your creative coffee tables, you should first of all think about your design. No matter how beautiful a bright yellow coffee table is, you can’t match it with a black and red color scheme in a living room design. Alternatively, you can go for creative coffee tables with customized designs in the colors you wish,  or you can even do them yourself. You can use stencils, stickers or simple paint to create your own design.

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Design does not only mean buying new things all the time, but also reusing them. With a little bit of imagination, you can craft creative coffee tables from old chests, old wooden boards or even scrap boards you have left from that time when you redecorated your home. Even more, you can repurpose parts of drawers or closets and build by yourself a beautiful and elegant coffee table.

For those who prefer a more rustic design, creative coffee tables can be crafted from sliced logs. You can ‘slice’ a log in several thinner or thicker pieces and put them together to arrange a nice coffee table. Place on top a longer piece of scrap wood and you can quietly enjoy your coffee in a rustic environment. You can easily make by yourself an industrial design coffee table, especially if you’re a car fan, if you take some scrap car parts (like a used, non-functional car engine or even a tire) and fit it nicely in a glass box. The effect will be wow!

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An all-black coffee table can also be creative. You can use black cubes and arrange them and rearrange them whenever you have company and need a bigger coffee table, for instance. Also, you can customize it by sticking personal photos or travel photos to it. If you have kids and are really brave, you can dare to ask them to customize one of the most personal of all the creative coffee tables in the world!

Go for an aquarium if you’re the kind that loves fish or the sea. An aquarium used as a coffee table can totally bring an exotic look into your living room and it will definitely remind you of your holidays, helping you to relax while drinking your favorite coffee. No matter what design you choose, make sure that it fits your taste and that you are all safe while using it. Especially if you choose to include glass in the design of your coffee table, make sure that your kids will not be put in danger because of it! Then you can relax and enjoy your coffee!

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If you don't know what dessert to cook anymore to surprise someone, you should think about trying the Arabian baklava. It's absolutely delicious!

Arabian Baklava: Sugar syrup on top

If you crave for something sweet and delicious, but don’t know what to cook for a dessert, you might want to find out that the Arabian Baklava is indeed a very special treat. After you try it for the first time, you won’t believe how you lived so long without tasting such a wonderful dessert! Here’s what you need for it:

– 4 cups of chopped walnuts

– 1 cup sugar

– 2 cups butter or ghee

– 18 sheets of phyllo dough (a special kind of dough for pastries and cookies which you can find in basically any supermarket)

You will also need to make a special sugar syrup, for which you will need:

– 2 and a half cups sugar

– 1 and a half cups water

– 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

After you bought all the ingredients, it’s time to start cooking! First of all you should make the sugar syrup, because you will need it to cool down. Take a pan and put together the water and the sugar. Het them until they boil and after they start boiling, add the lemon. Leave them on the stove for another 15 minutes and when you notice that the syrup starts thickening, take the pan off the stove and leave it aside to cool down.

Meanwhile, you should start cooking the actual baklava. First of all, remember to preheat the oven. Then, take a square or rectangular 24×40 cm baking tray and brush its surface with oil. Melt the butter or the ghee and put a layer of dough in the baking tray. Brush the dough with the ghee. Add 6 more layers of dough and remember to brush each one of them with the ghee.

Separately, mix the walnuts with the sugar and the pistachios and then spread the mix equally on top of the dough. Then spread a quarter of cup of the ghee on top of the walnuts. Over the layer of walnuts add the rest of the dough sheets. Don’t forget to brush each and every one of them with ghee!

After you put the last sheet of dough on top, wet your fingers a little with water and wipe it gently. Then brush it generously with ghee. Cut the entire baklava in small squares and put it in the oven. Set the temperature to 325 degrees F for half an hour. Then, for the last 5-10 minutes set the temperature to 450 °F. You know it’s ready when you see that it’s golden and crunchy. Take it out of the oven and as soon as you get it out pour the cold sugar syrup on it. It’s very important to have the sugar syrup cold when you pour it on!

It is best served at room temperature, so leave the Arabian baklava to cool down for some time. We know it’s hard to resist the temptation of taking a bite, but it’s better to enjoy its own real taste so be patient!

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Whenever you need an original blend in your room design, think about combining Arabian and modern elements. Read on for more tips and info on this!

Arabian accessories in modern design: green design

If you’re passionate about both the Arabian interior design and modern tendencies, you might have thought at least once in your life about combining the two of them. Truth be told, it’s not that easy to bring together two tendencies that are very different, almost opposites. However, the key here is to use Arabian accessories in modern design and to integrate them properly. Read on for examples of Arabian accessories that you can intertwine with a modern design.

Use oriental colors.

Although they don’t have to be on certain Arabian accessories in modern design, they create a very important ambient for bringing on specific Arabian points of focus. Choose calm and elegant colors, like shades of beige, pearly white, brown or dark yellows and match them together around the house. For instance, you can have three walls in a room beige or cream and one of them brown or chocolate-like for an extra effect and more freedom to combine colors.

Special  chandeliers.

The light is also very important when adding Arabian accessories in modern design. Arabian design is all about elegance and luxury, so an exquisite chandelier with yellow and elegant light can fit very well into a modern design. Actually, it even makes it more interesting than the regular minimalist lighting the modern design uses.

Wall decorations.

If you don’t want to waste much time when choosing Arabian accessories in modern design, you can simply choose some wall decorations with an Arabian design. Wall stickers for instance are a great example, they can use even Arabian characters or simply drawings and are very effective in transforming a modern design space into an Oriental blend.

Rugs, cushions and drapes.

These are very important when creating a certain Arabian atmosphere in a modern design. Rugs, cushions and drapes are probably the easiest Arabian accessories to add to a modern room, mainly because you just have to buy ones that already have special patterns on them. However, make sure that the colors they contain match the rest of the room and the rest of the design because you don’t want to ruin the harmony of the room.

Curtains and textile accessories.

Very important Arabian accessories in modern design that don’t have to be missing are curtains and any other textile accessories. They offer a much more comfortable atmosphere and they’re great for relaxing, but here you have to be very careful to integrate them properly among metal and glass in the modern design.

Quality materials.

Arabian style is mainly about quality and elegance, this is why any Arabian accessories in modern design need to be made of quality materials. It doesn’t matter if you choose to decorate your room with cushions, drapes or wall stickers, you have to choose quality materials and elegant colors. Either way, buying quality materials is a good investment since they will last much longer and will look beautiful all the time, instead of breaking or deteriorating faster and thus making you spend more money on another ones.

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If you love the mountainside and the rustic style of chalets there, know that you can bring a piece of it into your own home by using logs furniture items wherever you want.

Log Furniture Ideas: Elegant Log Bed

Whether you’re a nature fan or simply love decorating your home in such a manner, you should definitely consider using logs as furniture in your house. The best part is that you can use log furniture almost everywhere in the house, so that you can have a homogeneous interior design. Check out this log furniture ideas and see which one you like most!

Log Bed. For an extremely rustic bedroom, you can always decorate it with a log bed. Although it’s quite bulky, it fits perfectly this type of interior design and you have to admit, it’s pretty resistant and durable. However, you also have to match the rest of the decorations in the bedroom with it, so be careful when choosing the color scheme and the other adornments.

Log Table and Chairs. Made of halved logs and some lacquer on top of them, this set is great to bring the naturalness in your home. You can be sure no chair is going to break like, ever, and more than that, you can even move them outdoors for a special event like a party or simply to hang around at a barbecue.

Log Shelves. One of the best log furniture ideas is to make log shelves. Why is it best? Because it’s very easy to make and also, it helps you in sustaining the general atmosphere given by the rest of the log furniture items you have in the house, with just a little effort.

Log Nightstand. Another great one of the log furniture ideas that helps you with completing the entire aspect of a rustic decorated room is a nightstand. Small and practical, yet extremely resistant, a log nightstand is guaranteed to make you feel just like you’re in a chalet somewhere in the mountains. You can make it lighter or darker with some special wood lacquer, so you might vary the colors around the room.

Benches and Couches. Probably the easiest log furniture ideas to do, even by yourself, are the log benches and couches. If you choose quality wood, they can even look elegant and stylish. More than that, you can place lots of cushions of different colors on them to help you complement the rest of the design in the room.

 Counters. For a rustic kitchen, you can use log counters and shelves. However, be careful to choose approximately the same shade for all the log furniture in the room. Although this is not that important, it would not be harmonious to have the chairs darker and the counter lighter, for instance.

Coffee Table. A log coffee table looks very natural and rustic and is easy to accessorize. It’s probably the most customizable of the log furniture ideas, since you can use almost any other material on top of the logs, such as stone, glass or metal, depending on the rest of the design you plan for your living room. This allows you to use various colors and various patterns and furthermore to add more color to the room and not leave it looking all-rustic.

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