We Simplify Heating & Cooling for Everyone

Heating and cooling are some of the most important aspects of your home. If they are not functioning properly, you immediately feel the results, thus making you uncomfortable.

At Home Caprice, we’re on a mission to simplify heating and cooling for everyone. Our small but dedicated team of creators is committed to providing you with the most valuable and straightforward information in the HVAC niche. We understand that the HVAC industry can be complex, but we’re here to make it as clear as a cool breeze on a hot day.

Our commitment to providing accurate and useful information is at the core of everything we do. From product reviews to DIY content and in-depth tutorials, we’re here to help you navigate the world of heating and cooling.

Since our launch in 2019, we have helped over 500,000 people solve a problem they have or choose the proper heating or cooling equipment for their homes.

On July 26, 2023, Home Caprice acquired the Know The Flo website and merged its content with our content library, expanding our reach in the HVAC niche. You can read more about this in our press release.

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Our Story

Home Caprice started with the idea of helping every house owner make the right purchasing decisions regarding heating and cooling products or helping homeowners with any HVAC-related issues.

This all seemed to be the case when our founder, Ben, was moving into the first apartment that he bought and had to deal with all of the heating and cooling solutions for his home for the very first time.

As with everything, his research has begun with searching for solutions online, but he has found that most of the information available was either too complicated or filled with too much commercial content.

At that time, and still today, most websites were filled with sponsored content that wasn’t beneficial to readers. It’s beneficial to large corporations.

This is how Home Caprice was started – to help ordinary people like you and me understand the complex world of HVAC and make purchasing, fixing, or installing HVAC equipment much more straightforward.

Our Mission

We at Home Caprice want to make the change and help people make informed decisions with our reviews, tutorials, in-depth research, and video content that stands out.

After our work started to be recognized by happy readers, our mission is no longer to help people make the right decisions – we want to become an online library and all-in-one place where readers can inform themselves about any topic related to HVAC systems or heating & cooling.

With a different range of topics and categories, we’re building a knowledge base where our readers can learn something new daily.

We’re well aware of the lack of information on these topics, so we often talk with experts and professionals to share new information that can’t be found online.

We are committed to always going further and delivering the highest-quality content with hours of research and fact-checking before sharing it with our readers.

Our mission is not to be just a blog. We’re here to become an HVAC online library available everywhere.

We will always put our readers’ interests first and work for people to make their lives easier.

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Funding Our Efforts

To support our mission and maintain the highest standards, we earn money through various channels:

You can read more about our funding on our Disclosures page.

Our Commitment to Transparency

We take transparency seriously. You’ll find disclaimers on all sponsored content to ensure you’re aware of the nature of the partnership. We also strive to distinguish advertising clearly and sponsored content from our editorial content.

We have the right to reject or remove sponsored content that may contain false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal information or is inconsistent with our values.

Our guiding principle is to put the quality of information first.

Learn more about our editorial process on this page.

Your Contribution to Our Mission

We’re also committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by operating as a remote and digital-first team. By choosing to read our content and engage with us, you’re supporting this commitment.

We believe in the power of feedback and suggestions. Your input helps us improve and better serve you. Feel free to reach out to us via email with your thoughts, comments, and ideas. We appreciate your involvement in our mission to simplify heating and cooling for everyone.

At Home Caprice, you’re not just a reader; you’re a valued member of our community. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Our Team

We’re a small remote business with people worldwide – we have people from almost every continent! It started with just one person as a side project but has grown into a small team of dedicated creators.

Ben Leonavicius

I’m Ben, the founder of Home Caprice from Lithuania 🇱🇹

I started this site in 2019 with one goal: to simplify HVAC and help others with the same problems I faced when buying and installing cooling and heating equipment for my first apartment.

Graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Bachelor’s degree and Robert Gordon University with a Certificate of Higher Education.

Email: [email protected]

Dominic Mitton

Dominic Mitton is our content writer from Croatia 🇭🇷

He believes in staying active and has been playing sports since childhood. He is currently studying Information Science at the University of Sarajevo, which helps him organize information and conduct research for his work.

Erica Puisis

Erica Puisis is a U.S.-based 🇺🇸 content writer and HVAC expert passionate about home comfort and energy efficiency.

With a proven track record, Erica has contributed insightful HVAC content and features to smart home blogs such as Forbes, My Domaine, U.S. News, and The Spruce.

Her expertise extends to navigating complex HVAC jargon and discussing cutting-edge technologies, showcasing a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances. Graduated from Baker College.

Beyond her HVAC accomplishments, Erica’s green thumb is evident as she shares insights on plant species and care. She has cultivated a thriving collection of houseplants as a hobby gardener, emphasizing her versatility and passion for creating comfortable and efficient living spaces.

Michael J. O'Connor

Michael J. O’Connor is a copy and content writer from the Bay Area of California 🇺🇸 with expertise in all things HVAC and home improvement. He has contributed work to national brands like Barndominium Life and Plumbing and Heating Specialist.

He is a graduate of Sonoma State University’s creative writing program but before that, he spent time working in the construction trade as a general contractor. That experience informs everything he writes.

With an eye for practical solutions and an ability to break down complex technical information, his pieces have been helping homeowners care for their homes for years.

Shelby Kearns

Shelby Kearns is an HVAC content & scriptwriter from Wilson, United States 🇺🇸 She is an HVAC tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Creative Writing. She has worked in the HVAC industry for the past 15+ years and has found a niche in HVAC writing.

Her previous work included content writing, blog posts, newsletters, and research-based articles. She has done work for both residential and commercial companies, as well as equipment manufacturers.

She is employed part-time as an HVAC tech in Wisconsin to keep up with industry standards. Shelby has contributed a lot to our Quora profile.

Goda Leonaviciute

Goda Leonaviciute is our graphic designer from Italy 🇮🇹

She has recently graduated from Istituto Marangoni – a prestigious graphic design university.

Tino Perdic

Tino Perdic is our web developer from Croatia 🇭🇷

A father and a husband, professor, painter, and spearfisher. Professional web developer when family and hobbies allow it.

Graduated from the University of Zadar as an English and Italian language and literature professor.

Colin Sherif Ghannam

Colin Sherif Ghannam is our voiceover artist for our YouTube channel from Canada 🇨🇦

His passions are voiceover and music. I am a singer-songwriter and a lover of books, games, personal finance, and the arts in general.

Hammad Nobi

Hammad Nobi is our video editor and motion graphics designer + VFX for our YouTube channel from Pakistan 🇵🇰

He holds official certificates from Government National College Karachi/Karachi University, Arena Multimedia Karachi, and Upwork. His goal is to constantly push himself to excel and deliver outstanding work, and I am excited to receive a certificate after one year of hard work.

Ahmed Anssaien

Ahmed Anssaien is our IT wizard from Morocco 🇲🇦

He has 17 years of experience in web development and everything IT-related. He enjoys the challenges faced by both fields. He also enjoys gaming, reading books, listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows. Studied English at Abdelmalik Essaadi University.

Helio Povoas Neto

Helio Povoas Neto is an SEO Specialist from Brazil 🇧🇷

This polyglot is fluent in three languages and holds a business degree from Suffolk University in Boston and a degree from Capilano University in Vancouver. He enjoys skateboarding, skiing, and exploring Web3 in his free time.