We Simplify Heating & Cooling for Everyone

Heating and cooling are some of the most important aspects of your home. If they are not functioning properly, you immediately feel the results, thus making you uncomfortable.

For this reason, Home Caprice was created! We want to make your life easier, by solving your problems as quickly and easily as possible.

I think I started on a serious note, but not everything is a problem. Imagine – you just bought a house and want to find the best fireplace that will heat your home and will make your neighbors jealous – we are here for you!

How is our Content Written?

A lot happens behind the scenes. One piece of content requires a whole team of people for it to be the highest standard. Here is our process below:

As you can see, just one article, from start to finish, can take more than 18 hours to produce! If we were robots working around the clock, technically we would be able to make one article per day, but the same as everyone, we need to sleep and eat.

Having said that, do you want to help us? Feel free to send us:

Have a question?

Feel free to email us at: ben@homecaprice.com but please keep in mind that we get quite a lot of emails, so it may take some time before we respond.

Who Are We?

Like most websites and businesses, it starts with just one person, but we are quickly growing into a team of dedicated creators from around the world cranking out the good stuff for you!

Dominic Mitton

Dominic Mitton

Editor in Chief

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Melvin Alvarez

Graphics Designer