Our Editorial Process

We’re proud to say we take a strategic approach to writing our content.

One piece of content requires a whole team of people working together to meet the high standard that we stand to. You can check out our whole team on this page.

Now, let’s break down how we write our content.

How is our Content Written? [Full Process]

Coming up with relevant topics

As the heating and cooling industry is involved daily, we don’t want to write outdated content when we can provide you with the most innovative stuff related to HVAC systems.

It’s our responsibility that you invest in the most advanced heater or cooling solution instead of spending the same amount of money on a product with fewer features.

This is why we value creativity and finding exciting topics that are hard to find on the internet.

We prepare a whole sheet in advance, so you don’t have to worry; we will never run out of engaging topics 😊

Dedicated research and testing

This is the phase where we spend the most time, almost the same time as writing the content.

We have an expert-prepared checklist with all of the essential questions we need to get answers to before writing even the first paragraph.

And the list goes on with hundreds of unique questions about features, prices, discounts, and more.

We’ll go further and test some of the products so we can give you the most accurate description of each product we mention on our website.

This includes online and offline research, which we will cover in the next step.

Talking with the customers

There’s nobody that can give better feedback than an actual customer.

Often, the reviews you come across might be exaggerated, and it’s our duty to check whether they’re real.

We’re not afraid to pick up the phone and call actual customers to hear their feedback on certain products. Even better, we encourage them to share both good and bad sides so we can prepare a better review for you.

Fact and source-checking

Now that we have gathered all the details, pros and cons, it’s time to double-check them.

We have trustworthy resources where we fact-check every feature, step, or tutorial to ensure it’s entirely correct.

We have a low tolerance for marketing tricks, so we quickly eliminate any suspiciousness about some guides or products we’re writing about.

More often than not, online articles can be full of unchecked facts that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now, we come to the magic part.

Writing the content

There’s a lot more effort going into this than what you see on our websites.

Each article goes through tons of editing, formatting, and making it pretty for your eyes.

At first, it looks like a pile of information that we structure later.

Our writers have first-hand experience with cooling and heating systems, which makes them qualified to write this type of content.

In a world where robotic automated AI content is taking place, we value old-style content writing when an experienced person writes an article himself.

There will never be a situation where content is written before the first four steps are finished. The more research and information we gather, the better content we can provide.

We also value your time, so we make sure to cut out as much “fluff” and unnecessary words as possible to ensure that you only get the most valuable information. Some websites like to write 5,000-word essays just to say a few things. Instead, we cut most of it and get to the point of our articles.

Designing the visuals

After content is written, our team of experienced designers takes the place to create beautiful visuals that make reading more enjoyable for you.

We know how valuable your time is, so we want to give as much value as possible in those few minutes while you’re reading through our website.

Unlike other websites with the same icons from the same marketplace, we stand above them with our unique visuals that are protected with copyright licenses and custom-created by us.


What looks good to one person might not look good to the other.

This is where our whole team takes deep focus to proofread any sentence or word that doesn’t provide value to our readers.

Every short word on our website is proofread, and we will continue doing it that way.

Final touches

At this step, we don’t only add final touches to the content. We even added final touches to the facts. We checked the information we gathered from our research and updated them all together.

This makes our content engaging and why you enjoy reading it compared to other blogs.


All these steps must be finished before hitting the publish button.

You only see the final version, but we want you to know how much we value your time and take so many hours on each step to provide the best content possible.

Here’s where we do search engine optimization and ensure that readers can find our content when searching for it.

We promise that we will keep publishing the most researched and fact-checked content that you will continue enjoying.


This is probably the most overlooked part of the entire HVAC industry. Everyone is usually focused on producing more content, but something published 1-2 or even more years ago gets neglected.

We pride ourselves by continually revisiting old articles before each heating or cooling season and updating them.

Whether that be a new image or graphic, changing sentences, updating facts, or simply proofreading once more and removing a few words or adding more sources.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter any inconsistencies or outdated facts.

Time Requirement

As you see, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. There are many steps involved to produce the content of the highest standard, so just to give you an idea of how long it takes us, below is a breakdown of each process and the average time required for just one piece of content.

As you can see, just one article, from start to finish, can take more than 18 hours to produce! If we were robots working around the clock, technically, we could make one article per day.

However, like everyone else, we need to sleep and eat so that we may produce less content than other websites, but we make sure to have the highest standards in the industry!

Have Feedback?

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