How Much Does A Heater Core Replacement Cost? (REALISTICALLY)

Dominic Mitton
By Dominic  • Reviewed by Ben  • Updated:   October 19, 2023
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The heater core is mounted just under the dashboard and it’s responsible for the proper functioning of your car’s heating system.

A properly working heater core is essential for maximizing your comfort while driving your car in the winter – it will make sure that heating is fast and efficient.

If it’s time for you to replace your heater core, no worries, it’s a common thing.

Let’s talk a bit about repairment costs

Replacing the heater core isn’t the easiest task, so if you don’t have experience working with cars – I’d advise you to visit a mechanic and get an estimated price.

The pricing has to do a lot with your car model and year, so it might be less or even more expensive based on that.

What Are The First Signs Of Broken Heater Core?

No heating

As I mentioned earlier, the heater core is responsible for running your car’s heating system properly.

If the heater core isn’t functional, your car’s heating won’t work as well.

If you notice it, it’s best to act immediately before the leaks appear. Once the leaks appear, the repair cost is a lot higher.

Fog adds up

When your heater core gets broken, your windows might start fogging up suddenly and more excessively than usual.

I’m not talking just about the windshield, I’m talking about all the windows in your car.

This usually happens in the middle of the driving as the heater core starts leaking coolant into your car’s interior.

Strange “sweet” smell

You might start noticing a strange sweet smell, it isn’t disgusting, but it’s more like a candy odor.

That’s the smell of coolant and it usually starts leaking through the dash once the heater core is broken.

It’s hard to differentiate if the heater core is leaking hot coolant onto the ground or if the issue is with the radiator, tubing, or some other part.

The engine becomes too hot

You’ll notice that even after driving for a couple of minutes, your engine became unusually too hot.

This is happening because when the heater core is broken, the radiator has to handle all the heat and distribute it which overheats your engine a lot faster and easier.

The concept is similar to space heaters.

Why You Should Replace Heater Core

Although you can drive with a bad heater core, it’s important to replace it for the overall health of the car’s health.

In my opinion, it’s impossible to feel comfortable driving a car on cold winter days without proper heating.

When the heater core is working properly it can eliminate a good amount of the car’s total engine waste heat. When the heater core breaks, your system can no longer be optimized.

Another important reason to replace the heater core is to prevent any leaks from happening. Once the coolant starts leaking, your repair cost can be twice as big.

As with other heating options, if you notice the first symptoms and act fast – you’ll save much more money and you’ll keep your car’s heating system as healthy as possible.

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