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If you though food is only to be tasted with your taste buds, let us show you how you can appreciate a dish with your eyes too!

Food Art: Watermelon Carving

Design is not reserved only for the kitchen as a room, but also for your plate. Beauty is not a concept available just for the eyes and we have to integrate it in our life through our taste buds too, so why not have a look at some interesting food art examples and marvel at the skill some people have? And if you feel creative today, you may even want to try some of these examples too!

Geographic themes are often found when it comes to decorating your plate and playing with food in a unique way. Country outlines are definitely a good idea, and sometimes the easy way out when you want to be creative without too much fuss. In this way, Paris’ Tour Eiffel or Italy’s shape are among the most popular choices. Some people prefer to use paper stencils to help them in creating shapes from liquid foods, while other prefer using hard foods and cutting them directly in the wanted shape. Either way, you can be sure that such a design will be tasty and beautiful at the same time!

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Nature is also another great element where people find inspiration for creating food art. Animals in general are easier to make, just like flowers and plants. Generally, birds and sunflowers are among the most popular patterns encountered in plates all around the world. Roses are also often made of tomatoes or apples, while you can also use owls or penguins as inspiration. Basically your imagination is the only limit you can have!

Although somewhat more difficult than the single depictions of animals, plants or countries through food, entire landscapes are definitely more impressive. Certainly, they’re much more complex and they take more time, but the final result is definitely gorgeous and unique. Marine landscapes are suitable for the specific type of Mediterranean food, while a mountain landscape can be created using almost any type of food, more or less.

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A little bit different than the type of food art we presented you up until now is the food sculpture. It’s a little harder than simply assembling images in your plate, but it’s equally rewarding. There are even special classes in some cities where they teach you how to create beautiful sculptures from watermelons, apples, peppers and lots of other foods. There are even specialized competitions where people come with their own sculpted watermelons and they choose the most beautiful one.

Finally, now that you realized food art is definitely an art, maybe next time you’ll look in your plate you’ll be curious to see how you can use your creativity to make something truly unique and wonderful that will delight not only your eyes, but also your taste buds. And maybe we convinced you to discover the real talent of some people who decided that food is not only to be eaten, but also a material for art and for amazing creations. Enjoy your dish!

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