Best Thermostat With Remote Sensor [Reviews & Guide]

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By Ben  • Updated:   October 3, 2023
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Thermostats with remote sensors allow you to take control of the heating or cooling element in your home pretty conveniently. Thermostats are also great when it comes to energy saving

Different devices come with different numbers of sensors that you can install in every room of your house. It means that you can easily control the temperature of your entire house with one thermostat and its remote-sensing feature. 

There are all kinds of these devices available on the market, and you can’t be sure which one to go for. To make things simpler for you, we have developed this guide so you can make the right choice. 

Buying Guide

Here are some important features that you need to consider when looking for the best thermostat with a remote sensor.


A thermostat featuring a remote sensor needs to be highly accurate in all its readings. This is to make sure that it can turn up the heat or cool it down based on the actual temperature of a room in your house. And of course, it needs to do it with all the rooms. The sensors required here should be accurate, so the heating or cooling system doesn’t go off the hook.

Number of sensors

This is going to depend on how many rooms you want to control remotely for their temperature in your house. With more sensors, you can control more rooms

App support

Ideally, your thermostat with a remote sensor comes with mobile application support. Controlling everything with just a tap will make your life so much easier. This way, you will be able to control the device with voice commands. 

Automatic sensor uniformity

With smart features, this device will keep all the rooms in your house with uniform temperature readings and will also maintain the temperatures accordingly. Some rooms need to be heated more than others; this device will allow you to do that and reduce your energy bills. 

Are these thermostat devices expensive? 

Most remote sensor thermostats are expensive, but they also cover their cost upfront by allowing you to save a lot on your energy bills later on. These wireless thermostat sensors automate the temperature control process, which reduces your utility cost significantly. 

Do these thermostats come with geofencing features? 

Yes, some models also come with geofencing features, and you can mark a virtual boundary with the help of a smart application if the device comes with it. 

Best Thermostats with Remote Sensors

1. EcoBee 3 Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Best Overall

Our Pick
ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat with Remote Sensor, 2nd Generation
$207.50 $160.00
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04/13/2024 06:28 pm GMT

The EcoBee 3 smart thermostat features Wi-Fi. You can conveniently control it with various controllers like Vera, SmartThings, Homekit, and Amazon Alexa for voice control. 

This thermostat with a remote temperature sensor can understand when to turn on cooling and heating, and it will work according to the unique energy profile of your home. Apart from that, it is going to work according to the weather outside as well. A smart thermostat is always better than its programmable counterpart. 

This smart thermostat will sense if someone enters the room and turn on heating or cooling whatever is required, based on the current temperature. 

Apart from that, it will automatically shut off the heating or cooling when there is no one at home. It is going to be a significant utility cost saver for you. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Sleek design. Some rare connectivity issues. 
Integrated smart features. 
Excellent for contemporary homes. 
Extremely user-friendly. 

2. Honeywell Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Best for Price

Our Pick
Thermostat Remote Sensor
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04/13/2024 07:23 pm GMT

If you already own a thermostat for your home and are looking to convert the setup by integrating a smart thermostat into it, then here is a good option for you to consider. 

This remote sensor for your thermostat will allow you to automate the process. You can add as many as you want based on the number of rooms. Plus, you can conveniently control the temperature and humidity levels in all the rooms in your house. 

Furthermore, you can go for as many sensors as you need according to the number of rooms you want to control. This remote sensor is completely battery-operated, and it is straightforward to set up as well.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Integrated well with the current thermostat unitNone that we found
Very easy to use
Runs on battery

3. ICM Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Best for User-friendliness

Our Pick
ICM Controls SC1600VL ICM Simple Comfort Thermostat
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The ICM wireless thermostats with remote sensors come with a remote sensing feature that runs on a battery. But it will only control heat for you. If you are looking to control the cold in your house, you will have to go for a different device. 

This device comes with a remote control. You won’t have to leave your seat just to control the room’s temperature. Installing this device is easy, and so is the use. 

The controls are not difficult to understand, and pretty much anyone can use this device conveniently. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Simple to use and install. This thermostat is for heat only. 
Controls are very easy to understand. 
Fully battery operated. 

4. Ubipol Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Best Value for Money

Our Pick
Ubipol Smart WiFi 7 Day/4 Periods Programmable Touchscreen Home Thermostat with Zone Remote Sensor
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This smart thermostat with a remote sensor comes with Wi-Fi, and you can set a schedule for an entire week with it. There are four different periods that you can set with the help of its programmable touchscreen. It is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

The package will include everything that you will need to run with this device, including all the parts and components for installation. So, installation is not going to be an issue for you at all.

When you have these wireless thermostats with remote sensors installed in your home, you will be able to save up to 23% of your energy cost with its automatic heating and cooling mechanism. 

This programmable thermostat with a remote temperature sensor can generate different alerts for you and control it from anywhere, even outside the house. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Features voice control. Using this device might be a bit of a learning curve for you. 
Connect with your phone. 
More sensors can be integrated. 
Very easy to use. 
Best for modern homes. 

5. Incubator Warehouse Thermostat with Remote Sensor – Best for Durability

Our Pick
Incubator Warehouse Plug 'n Play Digital Electronic Thermostat with Remote Sensor
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This remote control thermostat is all about plug-and-play, and you won’t have to do much to install it in your home. It comes pre-wired and is ready for you to use. 

The device comes with a 24-inch remote sensor as well, and it can display data in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can also go for a different sensor and add more sensors. 

It’s equally suitable for both tabletops as well as cabinet incubators. You can simply press the up/down arrow to adjust the temperature in 0.1-degree increments. This thermostat easily supports up to 225 watts of a heating element. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Simple to use. At times slightly off in terms of readings. 
Comes pre-wired. 
Installation is easy. 
Displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. 


If you’re still not sure which one to buy, go with our editor’s pick i.e., the EcoBee 3 Thermostat with Remote Sensor. It comes with integrated smart technology, and this device is a great choice for modern homes. 

You can conveniently add more sensors and easily control them using your smartphone. You can also connect it to your smart home hub and access the voice commands for simple operation. Setting it up in your home is pretty easy. 

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