Brighten Up Your Home with a Yellow Bathroom Design!

Brighten Up Your Home with a Yellow Bathroom Design!

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Choose yellow to decorate your bathroom if you want to brighten up your home and your life!

Yellow Bathroom Design: Yellow Walls

Most people avoid yellow when designing the home decor for their own homes because, well, it looks good in pictures, but why have such a tiring color in your home? Truth is that yellow does not necessary have to be tiring for the eyes, if used in a smart way. That’s why it’s a perfect color for a bathroom, because you don’t spend a lot of time there and you don’t have contact with the color too much. Let’s see some yellow bathroom design ideas and how you can use this color!

One option if you decide that you want a yellow bathroom design is to paint it all yellow! Depending on the hue you choose, it can turn out to be a pretty warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxing showers. More than that, it reminds you of holidays, of sunny days and beaches, which is great, especially if you live in a not so sunny area. But what’s more important is that it will brighten up the entire room and make you feel more positive!

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to excessively use the color, you can use smart decorations here and there to make the color more dominant in the room. For instance, you can choose white as the other color in the room and complete the design with yellow rugs, towels or drawers. However, make sure that they have pretty much a similar shade, because totally different shades will make the design uneven and not at all harmonious.

Art is another way through which you can obtain a yellow bathroom design. Choose paintings or statuettes to embellish your bathroom in yellow shades. Remember to make sure that they resist at high temperatures and high levels of humidity, since we are still talking about the bathroom. However, this is a sure way to make your bathroom very beautiful and unique.

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You can also use some tricks to make the bathroom appear yellow. For instance, use large mirrors and place colored decorations throughout the room to reflect in them. Also, a clever placement of them near windows or in more visible places will underline the color everywhere in the structure of the design. Another smart solution is to choose a second color which is more neutral. For instance, grey makes a great pair with yellow and it tones it down a little bit, making it even more beautiful by contrast.

Last but not least, remember that lighting is extremely important when you want to have a bright yellow bathroom design. A dark room with poor lighting will not show it as bright as it is, so it’s better to make sure there is enough light in the bathroom. Another trick you can use is to place different light bulbs in the room, preferably ones in a yellow light. They have an important role in creating the proper atmosphere and can turn a fresh design by day into a romantic and very relaxing one at night, not to mention if you add some yellow candles too!

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