Perfect Paintings for Bedroom

Perfect Paintings for Bedroom

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A painting is a very important accessory for your bedroom which must be chosen with much care and attention.

We all love our bedroom don’t we? And more then love we want it to offer us the perfect background for peace and comfort.

We want to beautify the bedroom with interesting accessories that once again reflect our visions and passions. Of course any painting will be chosen regarding your personal taste but I recommend you to also be careful at the colors and the combinations in the bedroom. You have to have in mind the style of the painting, the furniture and all the decorations in the bedroom. A professional decorator will tell you that harmony is the secret of a perfect room. You choose the paintings for bedroom taking into consideration the details

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A professional decorator will tell you that for a calm ambiance the greatest painting will be one with a landscape no matter the style of the technique used. Don’t over exaggerate and search for paintings with nice and fresh colors. If you choose this kind of painting you will automatically feel more relaxed and you will rest better. If you have a bedroom that expresses fun and passion go for a painting with lavish colors, or black and white. These are very fancy and modern.

zen-bedroom-painting- homecaprice

Avoid paintings that express too dynamic images or events like volcanic eruptions, wild waterfall or severe storms. These are paintings for hallways or living rooms. These kind of paintings do not reflect relaxation or calmness so you won’t have a restful sleep because your subconscious will see these like a threat. You need peaceful landscapes. You’d like a painting with a stream in the wood with water lilies, trees bending, calm rivers. Don’t go for paintings that display stagnation. You need alive paintings that make you feel fresh.

painting-landscape-bedroom-home caprice

I love Venetian landscapes because they add a lot of charm and a contemporary bedroom will be complete.

green painting homecaprice

I adore bedrooms designed with gentle colors, especially a calm green color which invites you to decorate it with paintings with flowers.

painting-animal-art-bedroom-home caprice

Animal paintings are always a great choice especially for animal lovers.

painting-classic-bedroom-home caprice

If you are a person of luxury and eccentric style, you can go for a painting that reproduces retro style. It will look incredible.

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retro-pop-art-paintings-bedroom-home caprice

A retro bedroom will need pop-art fresh paintings. I think this is more of a teenage design but I love it.

paintings-dark-bedroom-furniture home caprice

If your furniture is black go for black paintings. They are the perfect combination and you will really feel cozy and safe.

modern-art-painting-elegant-bedroom-interior-home caprice

Luxurious modern bedrooms need modern paintings like those in the above picture. You won’t fail with this one.

classic-interior-bedroom-painting home caprice

Because I insisted in realistic paintings this one is a remarkable example of one painting you really need to have in your bedroom.

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So these are some examples of what paintings your bedroom needs so next time you buy a painting make sure you remember everything I told you. Choose the perfect paintings for bedroom with attention and dedication.


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