10 Packing Hacks for Your Travels

10 Packing Hacks for Your Travels

Since it's almost the time when people plan their holidays, some packing hacks can't do anything but good when you're getting all enthusiastic about leaving!

Packing Hacks: Matching luggage
  1. When packing shoes for going away keep them in a plastic bag so that you won’t get the rest of your clothes dirty before even having a chance to wear them.
  2. Tired of arriving at your destination with wrinkled clothes? If you don’t have a special place in your luggage where to keep shirts and other clothes that can easy wrinkle, try rolling the clothes instead of folding them. Although it will take up more space, you can be sure they won’t look bad when you’ll wear them.
  3. Organize your suitcase! One of the most important and often overlooked of the packing hacks is that you need to organize your suitcase. Many people just throw in there all the things they need for traveling and don’t consider a better organization of the space. Since it is already limited, you should plan ahead where to put each item so as not to leave empty spaces around them. The less empty spaces you have, the more you can pack!
  4. Pack your jewelry in pill holders. What more than a series of small closed containers do you need to keep your jewelry safe and untangled? You can also try pill bottles for small earrings that you don’t want to lose or pendants.
  5. If you’re carrying a razor with you, you might want to be sure that it’s not going to cut or slice your clothes in there while you travel. For this, one of the most useful packing hacks is to use a binder clip and secure the end of the razor.
  6. Store wisely your underwear! Remember what we were saying earlier about the empty spaces around clothes in your bag? Fill it with your underwear. It’s small and it doesn’t wrinkle, so you can stuff it around to save some space. You can use these packing hacks also for small handbags that still have some space in them.
  7. Use a table cloth or a towel to keep longer necklaces from tangling or making knots. Place the necklaces in the towel and then roll it. This way you can make sure that no necklace will be harmed during your travels and you will look brilliant!
  8. Use underwear bags. Use smartly the underwear bags to separate clear from dirty underwear and to remain organized.
  9. To keep clutter at bay, you should consider packing the hair dryer in a separate bag. It’s much easier to keep the cord untangled and the device safe with one of these packing hacks!
  10. Attach pairs of earrings to buttons. Whether the button is attached to your jacket or you store it in a safe place, it is ideal to store small pairs of earrings attached to buttons. In this way you make sure they won’t get lost or separated one from the other and you will know at any point where they are. More than that, if you need more pairs, you can organize them around the buttons.

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