Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter Reset [3 Easy Steps]

Ben Leonavicius
By Ben  • Updated:   October 19, 2023
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If your Frigidaire air conditioner filter reset light keeps coming on for no good reason, you must go for a Frigidaire window air conditioner filter reset

You can always consult the reset instructions given in the owner’s manual. But you might not have such a manual if you have bought a used unit. 

This is where our comprehensive guide comes in to help you reset your Frigidaire air conditioner. 

Problems That Can Be Solved by Resetting Your Frigidaire AC

If you look to reset your Frigidaire air conditioner, it will allow you to take care of some other problems. Resetting your air conditioner will solve the problem of not blowing cold air even in COOL mode. 

Resetting your air conditioner will also sort out the issue of the filter light on the Frigidaire air conditioner that always stays on.

In addition to that, resetting the unit will make your air conditioner work again after a power outage. This resetting can also deal with some error codes on some Frigidaire AC models to clear any software glitches. 

In simple words, resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner is a great idea. Particularly when you don’t know why a problem occurs in your air conditioner. 

Now, let’s further discuss this matter and list down the important steps to reset the Frigidaire air conditioner. 

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Reset 

Step 1: Locating that reset button

The best and easiest way to reset your air conditioner is with the help of a reset button. All modern Frigidaire air conditioners come with such a button, and it’s only a matter of locating it.

You can consult the owner’s manual of your Frigidaire air conditioner to find its exact location. Keep in mind that all Frigidaire ACs come with a special switch or fuse attached to their power code. 

This fuse allows you to reset your air conditioner. In most Frigidaire ACs, this reset button is right on the plug. So, first, you can check that plug for the button.

Step 2: Unplugging your air conditioner

The next step is to unplug your air conditioner from the electrical outlet and keep it unplugged for at least 15 seconds. When 15 seconds have passed, plug it back into the outlet. 

Step 3: Holding down that reset button

Now let’s talk about how to reset your Frigidaire air conditioner. You need to hold the reset button for at least three seconds and then release it. If all else is fine and right where it needs to be, your AC will start without any hiccups. 

In case your AC doesn’t start after you have released the button, don’t worry. Just repeat all the steps but hold the button for a little longer. And we recommend that you keep it pressed for about 5 seconds. And your AC should kick on. 

Alternative technique

If the AC still doesn’t turn on, you can go for the circuit breaker technique. And for that, you have to find the circuit breaker panel of your AC unit and flip it off. Then you need to wait before you try to turn it back on.

You can wait for approximately ten minutes or so. Now try to turn your air conditioner back on. It should restore the control board and fix any issues that caused the malfunction. 

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Filter Reset

Frigidaire air conditioner filter reset also has a few steps. 

  • You will have to turn your AC off and find its filter compartment. 
  • After that, grasp the filter and lift it out as no fasteners hold it in place.  
  • Just vacuum the area and wipe the dust residue using a microfiber cloth with warm water. You can also add a few drops of a mild dishwasher to it. Now, clean the filter with it. 
  • Allow it to dry and then place it back. 
  • For Frigidaire air conditioner filter reset, you will have to press and hold the reset filter button for about 3 to 5 seconds.  


Resetting Frigidaire AC and its filter will allow you to get rid of any error codes quite easily. It is a clean-slate start for your AC. And its performance will significantly improve after you reset it.

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