How To Drain LG Portable Air Conditioner [Easy Guide]

Dominic Mitton
By Dominic  • Reviewed by Ben  • Updated:   October 26, 2023
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If you know how to drain LG portable air conditioners, you will extend their life and get the optimum performance. 

This guide will show you how to drain LG portable air conditioner to ensure it continues to perform just the way it should. 

Draining LG Portable Air Conditioner? 

If you don’t drain your portable AC’s water tank before storing it, there are chances of building algae. This is especially the case where you live in a humid climate most of the year. Also, that’s why your AC tank might get filled a bit too quickly and needs to be recycled. There is a small FL indicator that reminds you to drain your portable LG AC. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to drain LG portable air conditioners.

Step 1: Draining the condensing water

To drain the condensing water from your AC tank, you must first turn off the unit and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Its drain port is located right on its back and at the bottom. 

Furthermore, if you want to drain it inside a container, lift the unit carefully and empty it from the drain plug. The drain plug needs to open right into a container. First, you have to make sure the container holds around 28 ounces of water and begins draining. Next, you must turn the drain cap anticlockwise and remove it. 

After that, you need to pull the drain plug out, and the water will begin to drain. Don’t forget to check and empty the container to avoid any overflows. 

Step 2: Drying the wet areas

The next step is to complete the draining and remove the container. Then, of course, you can use a soft piece of cloth or towel to dry those wet areas. 

Move your unit to another location that has a floor drain. It will effectively prevent leakage. However, you need to be extremely careful when moving your unit with a tank full of condensing water. 

Hence, the most effective and easy way to empty a collection tank is by draining your unit on the edge of the entry door and allowing the drain to flow out. 

Step 3: Reinserting the drain plug

Reinsert the drain plug fully, and if the drain plug is not inserted and sealed well, water will leak out of the unit housing. The drain cap covers over the plug clockwise, and you have to screw it on the drain port. 

Step 4: Reattaching the vent hose

Once the drain plug is back in, it’s time to reattach the vent hose as well. Your vent hose assembly will snap back into its place. You have to extend and shape it in an inverted “U” near the vent panel to prevent any rainwater from collecting in the unit. 

Now it’s time to plug the unit back into its dedicated wall outlet. You are now ready to use your portable LG air conditioner. 


Portable air conditioners need to be drained and maintained regularly. If you know how to drain LG portable air conditioners, you will significantly improve their overall performance. Of course, you can consult your owner’s manual for this as well.

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