Best Dyson Cooling Fan: Reviewed by Experts

Ben Leonavicius
By Ben  • Updated:   October 2, 2023
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You probably know Dyson due to its vacuum cleaners, but they also have state-of-the-art air purifiers, heating, and cooling fans in the market. We all know how reliable Dyson products are in terms of quality, performance, and durability. 

However, you will notice they also come with a hefty price tag on them. Another thing about this brand is that you will get plenty of innovative features from them. 

Some of these models come with smart capabilities, while others can be controlled with a remote controller. The best part is that all of them have a bladeless design, so they are pretty safe to use with kids and pets. 

But which Dyson air conditioners and cooling fans are the best?

Let’s find out. 

Buying Guide

Design and footprint

You need to calculate the size of the room and then decide on the model. If there is not much space available, you must go for a compact unit. It also needs to have a more modern look if your room has a contemporary design and decor. 

Flow rate

The flow rate is important because you cannot use a small-sized cooling fan in a larger room. It is not going to work at all. Flow rates are given in CFM and if you are looking for good ones, consider going for the numbers ranging between 4000 to 5000 CFM

Energy-saving capabilities 

Some fans also come with energy-saving capabilities, and you can conveniently run them all day without paying too much in your utility bills. Some of them come with an automatic shut-off feature as well. 

Smart features

If you are looking for a unit with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities, then there are different types of models available. You can conveniently control them with your smartphone, and they come with energy-saving special features too. 

Is Dyson a good brand? 

Dyson is a high-quality brand that has been producing quality products for a long time. These appliances might come with a high price tag on them, but they are extremely reliable in terms of performance. 

Do bladeless fans really work? 

Yes, bladeless fans really perform very well, especially if you compare them with the traditional bladed fans. They are way more secure than their traditional counterparts and are highly efficient in terms of airflow. 

Best Dyson Air Conditioners

1. Dyson AM06 Cooling Fan – Best Overall

Our Pick
Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches, White/Silver
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This Dyson fan is specifically designed for cooling purposes and is an ideal choice for warmer climates. It comes with Dyson’s signature air multiplier technology for the production of a highly powerful air stream without any blades. 

The bladeless design of this air conditioner Dyson makes it ideal to use with children. Another huge advantage of this design is that you are not going to deal with any noise. 

There is an inbuilt sleep timer, and it can turn off in present intervals that can range from 15 minutes to nine hours. 

You can access 10 preset settings on this Dyson air conditioner unit with a remote control. You can store it on the fan so it doesn’t get lost. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Quality construction. Doesn’t include an air purifier. 
High flow rate. No heating capabilities. 
10 preset settings with remote.
No noise whatsoever. 

2. Dyson AM07 Cooling Fan – Best Tower Design

Our Pick
Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan
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07/21/2024 02:42 am GMT

If you are looking for the best Dyson cooling fan with a tower design, then this is it. It’s a slightly bigger unit, which means it is capable of covering larger areas up to 500 square feet. 

This unit also comes with Dyson air multiplier technology to get the best performance in terms of reliable air performance. The Dyson room air conditioner fan has a bladeless design, so you can conveniently use it with pets and kids around. 

This unit is pretty lightweight, and you can conveniently carry it and place it wherever you want. It also comes with an inbuilt timer that can range between 15 minutes and nine hours to automate your operations. 

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Inbuilt sleep timer.Does have an inbuilt air purifier. 
10 preset settings.
Onboard remote controller storage. 
Safe bladeless design. 

3. Dyson HP02 All-in-One Fan – Best Smart All-in-One Fan

This is the best Dyson cooling fan in terms of some modern features; it is equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities. It means that you need to connect it with the Dyson Link app and control everything on this fan with your smartphone and from anywhere as long as there is internet available. 

This unit also comes with a HEPA filter. Its air purifier is one of the best in the market in terms of performance. The unit features automatic mode, sleeper timers, night mode and is effortless to clean. 

You also won’t have to worry about smart spinning blades and still get plenty of airflow with good coverage of up to 250 square feet.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Safe and secure design. It’s an expensive unit. 
Wi-Fi capabilities.
Inbuilt automatic timer. 
Night mode is there too. 
The unit is pretty easy to clean. 

4. Dyson HP01 w/ Remote – Best Value for Money

Our Pick
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifier with Remote
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If you are looking for a simple unit that doesn’t come with many special features, this is the right option. It comes with a remote controller that will allow you to alter the settings according to your needs without leaving your seat.

The blue luster on the Dyson fan air conditioner makes it look pretty modern and stylish, but it will look great only in rooms with modern decor. And you won’t find any other color in it. Still, it comes with a bladeless technology by Dyson, making it the best unit that you need to have in your household if there are kids and pets around. 

You can either bring this Dyson portable air conditioner on electricity or on battery too, so looking for a cordless design is the best one out there by Dyson.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Corded and cordless. Only available in blue color. 
Compact footprint. 
Good area coverage. 
Safe and secure. 
Inbuilt present settings. 
Runs on the remote control. 


After going through all the options, we think AM06 is the best Dyson cooling fan as it comes with 10 preset settings. Its remote controller has a unique magnetized design, so you can conveniently place and store it on the fan. 

It doesn’t make any noise at all and comes with a good flow rate and coverage range. Bladeless fans are great in terms of efficiency and performance, and this one is not different either. You might miss some smart features on it, but it still gets the job done pretty well. 

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