How Does A Tower Fan Work? [Quick Explanation]

Ben Leonavicius
By Ben  • Updated:   October 9, 2023
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In this article we are going to explain two common questions about tower fans:

• What does a tower fan do?
• How does a tower fan work?

Read on below as we detail how a tower fan works.

What does a tower fan do?

A tower fan is one of many different types of fans that help with keeping your home cooler. The difference between a tower fan and other fans is that they are placed on the floor and their design is upright, vertical.

This makes them much easier than other fans to fit into your decor as they do not need much space, and often tower fans are much more stylish for that same reason.

They are not the most powerful of fans but they have a good mix of power, features, and convenience. Below we explain how they help keep you or your room cool.

How does a tower fan work?

First, we will start with where it gets the air from. Most of the time, tower fans have vents at the bottom of the fan or the back or side of the fan.

These vents are used to suck in air from the room and up into the fan. The fan has a motor that is used to suck the air from the base or back, up and out into the room. Now, it’s important to remember that tower fans do not actually cool ‘per se.’

Often what they do, is, as mentioned above, take air from the base of the fan.

how does a tower fan work - intake
Tower fans use the side intake to suck air up and then out

Heat rises and obviously, the coolest heat is on the floor, so in this way, fans that have an intake at the base will offer the coolest air in the room possible. Not all fans will have the intake at the base, however.

So if a tower fan does not cool, what’s the point? Well, how tower fans work is by providing a couple of things. Circulation and breeze.

Let us explain.

Tower Fan Circulation

In regards to circulation, it is well known that air circulation regulates temperature. Stagnant air will just fest and just get warmer.

how does a tower fan work - powerful
The more powerful fans have larger motors like the one in the above image

By creating a breeze, a tower fan provides circulation to your room which will help keep a lower air temperature. Generally speaking, the larger the airflow the more circulation, the cooler the air.

This is why often people search for the most powerful tower fan, especially in warm conditions.

The downside is more powerful tower fans tend to be much louder because the motor is often larger and works harder, therefore creating more noise.

To add to this, most tower fans these days will have an oscillation feature.
This allows the fan to move from side to side, which helps create even more airflow, rather than just airflow in one direction.

Tower Fan Breeze

The other way tower fans can help cool you is by providing a direct breeze. Much like if you stick your face out of a car window while it is driving, you feel much cooler.

A tower fan also works by creating a wind chill factor. The wind chill factor effectively makes it easier for the air to evaporate sweat from your skin, thus reducing body temperature, and making you feel cooler.

So not only can you use a tower fan to create circulation, you can place the tower fan directly towards you so you get the breeze to help reduce your temperature.

How do Bladeless fans work?

A little-known fact about bladeless fans is they are not in fact bladeless. The blades are contained within the unit itself, making them not visible from the exterior. These ‘bladeless’ fans, in principle, work the same way as your standard fan, just with a far more appealing design.

Below is a detailed explanation. Although there are some differences between ‘bladeless’ and normal tower fans, the overall principle is the same.

Tower Fan Settings

A tower fan also has a number of various settings that are there to help assist in customizing your comfort level.

Nearly all tower fans will have speed settings that allow you to control how much breeze is output.

So if you need high output on those really warm days, but lower output, perhaps at the end of the day, the settings will cater for this.

Some have a “breeze’ setting that cycles through different speeds with the intention of creating a “natural’ breeze.

For extra convenience, many come with a remote control so you can control your tower fan from afar.

If you are looking for a tower fan be sure to check out our guide to finding the best tower fan.

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