6 Best Smart Space Heaters [with Wi-Fi]

Dominic Mitton
By Dominic  • Reviewed by Ben  • Updated:   October 26, 2023
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Over the past couple of years, smart heaters with Wi-Fi functionality have arrived on the market and got many positive comments.

They save time and effort while still remaining at a fair cost.

In this article, you will learn more about connecting these space heaters to your smartphone, the best apps, and the currently desirable heaters.

Before buying one myself, I was a bit skeptical, so you’ll read about the pros and cons of each heater that I recommend.

Recommended Smart Space Heaters With Wi-Fi

Best Overall – Heat Storm HS-1500 PHX WiFi

Our Pick
Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater, Wifi Wall Mounted
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05/17/2024 12:28 pm GMT

This one deserves first place because of its efficiency, strength, and advanced functions.

What I love the most about this heater is that it uses a Smart Life App compatible with Alexa (Amazon Echo). It’s cool when you can control your heater temperature with your voice while watching TV or lying in bed.

It has a patented HMS technology that makes it more efficient than other heaters on the market – I talk more about it in this Heat Storm review article.

It’s a wall-mounted heater so you won’t lose any floor space – this is great if you have small kids or pets.

I also recommend watching this in-depth video of Heat Storm’s advanced features.

Premium – Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air

Our Pick
Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01 Air Purifier, Heater & Fan
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It’s interesting how this heater can heat and cool you, depending on your chosen model.

Dyson did a great job with this purifier heater, and they even made it compatible with the Alexa device, so you’ll have fun controlling it with your voice.

You control everything through the Dyson Link app, but you also get an additional remote controller (just in case).

What impresses me also is their HEPA filter that captures almost all allergens, which makes it ideal for allergies and pets.

Talking about the strength – it can heat up a bedroom of 1200 sq. ft. without any problem.

Budget – Atomi Smart WiFi Portable

Our Pick
Atomi Smart WiFi Ceramic Tower Space Heater
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05/17/2024 05:34 am GMT

First of all, I must say that I’m a big fan of this small and modern designed heater.

It’s portable, and you can easily grab the handle and move it from one room to another.

From the Atomi app that you connect through Wi-Fi, you can easily connect it with Alexa or Google Assistant to control it with your voice.

If you ask me, this heater has one of the best-LED screen panels.

You can control it without an app by touching the display and switching the temperature. It’s similar to electric fireplaces.

It had a boring beeping sound, but Atomi decided to remove it, which made it much quieter – can’t say anything bad about their customer service.

This heater is good if you’re on a budget, but don’t expect it to be nearly as strong as the ones I mentioned.

Extreme Budget – Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tabletop

Our Pick
Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tabletop Space Heater
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It’s good that this smart heater can be controlled with voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant by connecting to the Atomi app first.

This heater is simple, but don’t expect to heat bigger rooms.

I recommend this heater for your bedroom or small office because it was made for smaller areas.

The ECO feature allows you to set the temperature from the LED display manually.

The Atomi team also removed the annoying “beep sound” from this heater, so you won’t have to be frustrated whenever you switch something on.

Strongest – Colzer WiFi Smart Air Purifier

Our Pick
COLZER 3500 Sq Ft WiFi Smart Air Purifiers for Home Large Room with Dual H13 HEPA
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It’s impressive how powerful this air purifier is – it can heat a 3,500 sq. ft. room in just one hour.

This unit performs more as an air purifier than a heater, so it’s perfect for fighting dust or having pets.

It’s amazing how you can control something powerful like this by connecting to the SmartLife App. You can even check the air quality from the app and switch different modes.

Although it’s pretty strong, you won’t hear it running, and it has a child lock, so you don’t have to worry if your kid will change something.

I love how it shows you the “life of filter” so you know when to change filters.

Classy Design – Heat Storm Infrared Cabinet Heater

Our Pick
Heat Storm HS-1500-ISMW Infrared WiFi Cabinet Heater
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This is another heater from Heat Storm company. They offer quite a few heaters, which you can check out here.

This heater has that classy design, so I recommend putting it in your bedroom or living room.

You control everything through the SmartLife app, and connecting to WiFi is very simple and straightforward.

I wouldn’t put this heater in your bathroom because humidity can hurt the durability of the wood – it’s what makes this heater so classy. It’s the same as with wood-burning fireplace inserts.

But if you are looking for bathroom heaters, we have a whole article dedicated to that.

It can heat up to 700 sq. ft. space. I’m not a big fan of the LED display, as it doesn’t match the overall design.

Again, you can connect it with Alexa and control everything by voice commands.

Turn Any Space Heater Into A WiFi-Enabled Device With A Smart Plug

Well, kind of.

Although it is quite a nifty device, it is limited in what you can do.

You can hook up any space heater or appliance and schedule and control when the unit turns on and off.

This is great for turning your wifi space heater on before you come home or if you have forgotten to turn your heater off.

Just plug and play, and you are away laughing.

With the Amazon Alexa smart plug, you can add voice control to your device and schedules and routines with the app.

This helps you control your device from near or far.

You cannot control the device’s functions on, off, and when and how often.

What To Consider Before Buying Smart Space Heater

You should focus on a few things before deciding which smart heater to buy. Here are some of the main factors:

Voice Commands

I know it’s cool to control your heater through your smartphone, but how cool is it to control it over your voice?

You should check if the heater’s app is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. If it is – then you don’t have to worry about anything.

You will always want advanced functions if you’re a “tech guy” like me. This is a great feature, and you have fun switching temperatures.


You might want to switch rooms occasionally with your heater, so a wall-mounted heater doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I personally have multiple Heat Storm heaters mounted in different rooms, but if I were planning to have only one heater, it would be Dyson Pure Hot.

As I said earlier, it all depends on your needs and goals.


There’s a difference between garage heaters and room heaters because it’s not the same to heat a bigger and smaller area.

You don’t want to make a mistake I made and buy a less powerful heater than you need.

Most companies tell upfront how big of an area it can cover, so pay close attention to it.

Safe For Pets & Kids

Some heaters come with a safe-to-touch grill and child lock, making it perfectly safe for pets and kids.

Also, wall-mounted heaters have the advantage because pets can’t touch them.

That’s why propane heaters aren’t the best choice if you’re looking for pet safety.


Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to save a couple of bucks monthly on bills?

If you’re on a budget, you should carefully consider how much energy it drains to heat a room.

I recommend you look at the most energy-efficient space heaters right now.

How To Connect Your Phone To Smart WiFi Heater

Some heaters have a slightly different process because of the LED display, but they all follow the same principles.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to connecting your phone to your heater:

1. Install a brand’s app

This is usually the app of the company you bought a heater from. They are usually on the app store, but sometimes, there might be a specific link or something.

After installing the app, fill up everything with the correct information, and they will send the email verification link or text you.

Note: Make sure that your heater is plugged in.

2. Press and hold the temperature button

I’ve seen the same process in several different heaters, so you will most likely need to press and hold the temperature button.

You should see an icon blinking on the LED display, letting you know it’s time to connect through your device.

3. Check the heater option

Go inside your app and check the heater option. From there, you’ll have an option to verify the WiFi for your heater.

You must enter your password and wait for the heater to connect successfully.

After that’s done, you will see the heater on your connected devices.

You can see the exact step-by-step process in this video.

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